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Saint Elizabeth University’s Project for Iraq in Need (STEP-IN)

Saint Elizabeth University’s Project for Iraq in Need (STEP-IN) is a humanitarian project aimed at helping both, the internally displaced populations of Iraq and the Syrian refugees that are currently living in Iraq. It has been created in January 2015, in response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Middle East. Although STEP-IN is in its core a medical project, it is also reaching into areas like nutrition or social support, thanks to the trust and generosity of our donors and partners.

Our main focus is on the quality of the services we provide, and cost-effectiveness of the project. STEP-IN employs a professional international team from different European countries, working hand in hand with local paramedic staff of different backgrounds (Yezidis, Christians and Muslims, Arabs and Kurds).

We constantly focus on improving our system of work, to make it more efficient and friendly both to the beneficiaries and the members of our teams.

When choosing the people for STEP-IN we focus on their education and skills, but also on the qualities of their characters, trying to create a team that brings professional services with an extra human touch to the people who badly need both.


STEP-IN, Civic Association

STEP-IN is also the name of a Civic Association registered in Slovakia. Its goal is to gather and channel support from individual donors, and promote the project among the general public in Slovakia and other European countries. The general assembly of the civic association is responsible for managing and strategic development of the project in Iraq.


St. Elizabeth University of Health Care and Social Work

Project STEP-IN was created by St. Elizabeth University of Health Care and Social Work from Bratislava – that’s where it’s name comes from.

St. Elizabeth University of Health Care and Social Work is a non-profit international organization based in Slovakia. As a charity it is running over one hundred projects in many places around the world such as India, Cambodia, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Russia, Haiti, Armenia etc.

As a educational institution it is offers courses in many fields such as public health, social work, nursing, dentistry, techniques, missiology, psychology, sociology and many others (B.A., MsC, PhD.) in Slovak and English language.
Right next to the civic association, St. Elizabeth University is the second body managing STEP-IN in Iraq.

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All donations are spent on direct help to the victims of the war.