Nov 5, 2017

Abdalla is a 19-year-old Muslim boy born in Baghdad. When he was 8 years old, he lost his father, who was killed by Shiite militias. A few years later, his mother married again and the family decided to move to Erbil, a safer place for a better future.

Abdalla did not experience carefree childhood like other children. From birth, he has been suffering from chronic disorders of the urinary bladder, which affected his kidney functions. A planned surgery in Turkey was unable to solve this particular health issue. Recently, his kidneys failed. His family decided to sacrifice everything for the proper treatment of their beloved son. After selling their property and borrowing money, Abdalla could afford transplantation and avoid dialysis.

To prevent rejection of transplanted kidney, he needs to take expensive immunosuppressive medication. As the financial situation of his family is very difficult, our organization decided to help by providing him the necessary therapy. Let’s help this boy to have a normal teenagers life and one day to be independent and able to return all his care to his family.

Support for: immunosuppressive therapy

Amount needed: 450 $ / month

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