Nov 15, 2017

Amal is a 60-year-old woman from central Iraq. In 2014, she had to leave behind her ordinary life in her hometown because of ISIS invasion. Her family was forced to move from one place to another until they found temporary shelter in Erbil. Even if her town has already been liberated, it is now under control of Shiite militias and to come back is not safe for Sunni Muslims like Amal.

However, Amal’s fight for her own life started before ISIS invasion. In 2009, she was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. She underwent surgery with consecutive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Until today, she is winning her battle with the disease, but she needs long-term hormonal therapy. Amal has also other health issues: she suffers from diabetes, hypertension and lately was indicated for gallbladder removal. With such a costly surgery, she cannot afford it.

Amal’s husband is handicapped and already retired. The family income is only from his pension, even if for last year he did not receive any money from it.

All that Amal is dreaming about is to gain back her peaceful life, surrounded by family. We are very grateful for any support for this remarkable woman.


Support for: hormonal therapy

Amount needed: 70$/month

Support for: gallbladder surgery

Amount needed: 1700$


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