It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

– Mother Theresa

We promise to carry your support over international borders and bring it directly to the people it was intended for.

All of the money we receive from private donations is spent directly on victims of war, genocide, and displacement.

We work on the ground, with the people, where your donations are most needed.


Every little helps.

Just €1 could help us buy essential equipment for our clinical laboratories and consultation rooms. From test tubes to tongue depressors.



€5 could fund a consultation and prescription for a chronic patient at one of our clinics. €5 could also buy a brand new baby bottle set for an expectant mother!



€10 could buy a week of insulin injections and specialist protein bars for one of our diabetic patients!



€15 could pay for a CT scan, helping us to detect tumors, internal bleeding, and assess damage from strokes. They also helps us investigate unexplained pain, one of our most common diagnoses!



€20 can pay for a specialist consultation at a local hospital, for when a diagnosis needs more advanced investigation. It could also pay for a pap smear, an essential service for women, offered free of charge in most other countries!



€50 could pay for a pair of glasses, as with most medical appliances and treatments, glasses are not subsidized by the government. But, as many with impaired vision can testify, glasses can change your life!



€100 can pay for a child with intellectual disabilities to attend a specialist Autism Centre for one month!



€200 can pay for a month of speech therapy sessions for children left isolated by an inability to communicate!



€300 could pay for a hearing aid. An essential device that allows children to attend school and receive speech therapy and the elderly to remain integrated in society!



€500 could fund a life-changing optical lens replacement surgery!



€800 could buy orthopedic braces for a child, helping them to stand and learn to walk once again!



€2000 could save someone’s life and fund a kidney transplant operation!






To donate to STEP-IN via PAYPAL, click here:

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Send your donation to:

Beneficiary: OZ STEP-IN

IBAN: SK58 8330 0000 0028 0123 7605


Your donation could make a huge different to someone’s health, well-being, and ultimately their lives.Thank you for your generosity!