Over 300,000 displaced people are living in camps in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Even more are living in lock-down with ZERO access to essential medications.

Years of war, sectarian violence, and corruption has left Iraq with a damaged and insufficient healthcare system, unable to cope with the approaching pandemic .

1.05 MILLION people are living displaced in the Kurdistan region, 30% of those are living in over-crowded camps with poor sanitation and insufficient hygiene measures.

STEP-IN works to provide primary health and social care to displaced people in Kurdistan. But quarantine measures throughout the region mean that many of our patients are no longer able to attend our clinics or receive essential medications. Without our services many of these people are left with quickly deteriorating health conditions, leaving them even more vulnerable to coronavirus. Movement in and out of the camps has been restricted and ambulance and emergency transport services are limited. We are working to adapt our services to this crisis



STEP-IN provides medical aid and social care to vulnerable people throughout Iraqi Kurdistan.

We work for and alongside refugees, internally displaced people, and disadvantaged members of the Kurdish host population.



STEP-IN supports those affected by armed conflict, genocide, displacement, and poverty.

Despite 6 years passing since the start of Iraq’s humanitarian crisis, it’s estimated that 1.5 million people remain displaced in the region. Many potential returnees face reduced access to basic services, lack of livelihood opportunities, and diminished financial resources.

STEP-IN aims to support the people that remain displaced, and the local host communities, by providing basic primary care, social support, health education, and much more.


STEP-IN is a small (but mighty) organisation. It’s ever-growing network of alumni and supporters means that STEP-IN is reaching (and stepping) further than ever before. As we enter a new decade, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone that has helped us come this far. Over the past 5 years we have seen many worthwhile projects to completion and many others remain ongoing. We hope you continue to follow and support our work as we head into a bright and hopeful new decade.

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In 2019 STEP-IN’s work included:

31,215 individual visits to one of our healthcare professionals,

the conduction of 25,087 clinical laboratory tests,

839 physiotherapy sessions held,

923 homes visited by our community health workers,

310 mental health consultations,

the distribution of 6,500 hygiene packs,

and the assessment of 190 cases for our HandSAP programme.

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