Solar installation for special needs school in Sharia village, Iraq

1. Title of the contract order:    

“Solar installation for special needs school in Sharia village, Iraq”

2. Description of the contract:

2.1. The subject of the contract is installation of solar panels system with batteries to secure stable supply of electricity for special needs school building in Sharia village, Dohuk province, Iraq.

Technical parameters:

1. The building is located at the following longitude and latitude: 36°47’08.9″N 42°58’09.0″E. The location matters as we want to see which company can offer the best degree of installation to gather a concentrated amount of energy. We are looking for a ground set-up as this would rid us of any foundational concerns about the roof of the building and would provide assurance of stability in the instance of earthquakes or any other severe weather issues.

2. The minimum Wattage we want is dependent on what can adequately support two mini-split units and retain additional power. We estimate it to be roughly 13 kW.

3. We expect bidders to evaluate location and needs of the building and develop their proposal including appropriate technical parameters of the installation.

Use Case parameters:

1. We want to support two mini-splits primarily, as well as having enough power for a few small other entities like charging a phone in the evening or powering a small fridge when the split units are not in use. Regardless of what equipment is being powered, we’d like a minimum of 12/13 kW.

2. We want to make sure this installation is reliable and does not burn frequently or require constant overhead monitoring. 

2.2. The labor must be carried out in accordance with all applicable laws in the country of execution.

3. Place and deadline for submission of the tenders:

3.1. Applicants must deliver their bids to the following email address:

3.2. Deadline for submission of tender bids expires on 30.09.2022 at 23:59.

4. Evaluation of the bids:

4.1. The evaluation of the bids is private. The Committee will evaluate the bids in terms of complying with the procurement organization requirements for the subject of the contract and exclude offers that do not meet the requirements for the subject of the contract stated in the Call for Tenders.

4.2. The Committee can ask applicants in a written form to explain the bid. The explanation may not amend the bid. Removal of obvious errors in writing and counting is not considered as an amendment.

5. Evaluation Criteria:    

For the evaluation of bids STEP-IN has chosen the following criteria:

  • price
  • quality of components
  • previous experience of the bidder

Published on 05.09.2022